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We develop technology products with a value-centered design. From rational industrial design, integrating high value and meaningful application, we strive to develop ecologically sustainable products.

We provide design consultancy revolving around product design, develop product concepts, build working prototypes and technical guidance for manufacturing. We also conduct experiential training workshops to empower talented professionals to make them ready for the industry.


Fetal Monitor

  • Non-reassuring fetal states require a screening device to alert caregivers to take proactive action

  • The device is a new generation abdominal ECG acquisition module for electronic fetal monitoring without the conventional transducers. 

Digital Eye Chart DEC-i220

Arriving soon in a new avatar


  • A low cost combinational abdominal signal simulator

  • Simulates abdominal signals including fetal ECG, maternal ECG and electro histogram (EHG)

  • Useful in testing and validation of regular ECG products as well as abdominal ECG products

  • Useful in simulating full range of signals, currently not available in market

  • IP disclosure filing in progress.

IoT Vital Signs Monitor

  • Integrated kit with ECG, SPO2, PR, Respiration, and Temperature that sends real-time data to the cloud for remote viewing 

  • Affordable, battery-operated device to help primary screening of vital signs

  • Targeted for use in low resource settings without health centre infrastructure or caregiver

Acquisition Pod

  • Acquires physiological signals closer to the source to reduce cable loss and provide a greater signal to noise ratio

  • An ultra-compact acquisition pod that fits into the junction box of an ECG  cable. The overall system is simplified with built-in on board isolator 

  • The physiological signal is amplified, digitized, and is serially available for post processing  

  • The technology is suitable for designers and manufacturers of vital signs monitoring systems

  • The pod is customizable for building proprietary patient cable accessory 


  • To minimize flush water consumption, and recycle liquid waste resulting in a self-contained toilet system

  • A self-cleaning toilet system independent of sewerage line infrastructure, and power from the main grid,

Ozone Cleaner

  • Utilizing the powerful oxidising characteristics of ozone, the ozone cleaner uses locally generated ozonated water to remove pathogens and odour from utensils.

  • Powered from a compact solar panel, it is a great kit for outdoor eateries to keep clean and hygienic utensils. Also helps prevent spread of communicable diseases

Light Box

  • A contemporary shaped light box that provides all round illumination and great aesthetics also packs big utility.

  • With long lasting LED lamps and a high density battery to give long back up times, the lamp has charging sources that include a compact solar panel and a compact flywheel. Great for use in rural farmlands.​

Level Detector

  • Ultrasound-based level detector implemented at a Biogas plant

  • Connected to a SCADA system that displays the gas levels on a centralized dashboard

  • The concept can be extended to other industrial applications where affordable level sensing is required

Remote Power Testing

  • Testing of power inverters and power supplies with custom hardware and firmware  to provide accurate test results and health of power equipments.

  • Remote connectivity helps to monitor equipments on site for maintenance. Modular construction ensures great flexibility for adapting to various configurations

Water Level Controller

  • A wireless user programmable water level controller 

  • Bluetooth communication with a user interface app 

  • Saves water. Minimizes human intervention and oversight

  • Technology suitable for apartments and independent houses

Speciality Cables

  • Legacy devices or equipment's connect to the network using these cables 

  • Isolated and non-isolated cables that can be customized for different network speeds

  • Cables are built with different connector configurations that engage with the serial port of the equipment 

  • Used in hospitals to help customers save patient data on their servers

Smart Light Controller

  • Simple user programmable ON / OFF light controller

  • Developed for rural street light control, can be customized for different power requirements and other application areas

  • Minimizes manual intervention


Fetal Doppler
Holter ECG Patch
Acquisition Module
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