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Learn “what they don’t teach you in a professional course”


Workshops for engineering professionals in medical technology

  • You will learn from a knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals 

  • You will work with the team to learn the process of managing a product life cycle beginning from an idea to a tangible product or solution

Experiential Learning (Major Topics)



  • New product development process

  • Design controls

  • Management controls

  • Purchasing controls

  • Value engineering

  • Install base management

  • Case studies of non-complying global products

  • Group discussion

Detailed workshop content

  • Understanding Customer / Marketing Requirements

  • Quick Prototyping techniques - using breadboards, evaluation boards, simulation software

  • Labview overview for rapid concept prototyping development

  • Designing the Schematic and PCB layout using EDA tools

  • Firmware - typical firmware design flow

  • Testing - Strategy, test plan, test procedures and test reports

  • Stages of Testing - Prototype, pilot, qualification, manufacturing and service

  • Reliability - What is MTBF, MTBSE. Burn in, temperature cycling, environmental effect

  • Type Testing - What are IEC standards

  • Integration - how to integrate hardware, firmware and mechanical module or system level testing

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