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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit

--Will Durant

Pradin Technologies was started in Mar 2013 to bring together the idea of making simple, useful and affordable technology available for the rural masses.

The motivation behind starting the company was the non-affordability of existing fetal monitors that prevented extensive use of monitoring, especially in rural areas of India aimed at improving infant mortality rate.

The focus is on developing primary health care screening devices that simplify usability and enable sustainable healthcare monitoring.

A similar approach is also applied to developing sustainable products for the prevention of communicable disease.


  • Idea to an Engineered product

  • Assistance for Technical File and regulatory testing

  • Prototyping and Small volume Pilot units

  • Design transfer for Manufacturing

  • Product design conceptualization

  • System design, Hardware design, Schematic, and PCB Layout

  • Concept Prototypes build

  • Optimize Bill of Materials

  • Assist in component vendor identification

  • Assist in Manufacturing test facility

  • Learning sessions with hands-on experimental setups

  • Close the gap  between talent and industry needs 

  • Mentoring for academic projects



  • Conceptualize and develop simple, affordable Healthcare monitoring devices

  • From idea to an engineered product

  • Hardware development for portable acquisition modules

Environmental Health

  • Develop affordable products for prevention of spreading communicable disease

  • New technologies for reducing flush water consumption in toilet systems

  • Stand-alone sustainable toilet solutions for use in resource-deprived areas

Upskilling and Workshops

  • Experiential learning sessions to empower engineers to take a leap from academics to industry

  • We develop custom workshops for technical institutions to re-skill their technical resources 

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